KC Health and Gifts

K.C Health and Gifts - Karen Vanderwolf

K.C Health and Gifts has been a store I have fond memories visiting throughout the years. I remember as a child being drawn to a music sampler playing different indigenous and meditational new age music that created an ambience so pleasant to browse the treasures. Although the times have adjusted various aspects of the store it remains a valued business in Lillooet and Karen has remained a pioneer when it comes to businesses.

Karen and Carol opened their doors in 1981 before Health Food Stores were a popular commodity. Due to her own health concerns Karen was interested in ways to heal the body so when Mary St. Denis had a small Health shop at the back of the Masonic Hall and was shutting down, Karen bought her inventory to carry out her own health food store vision. The first K.C health was the building on the south side of the Lillooet Inn building until they moved into their current location that they gradually expanded.

After 8 years more people were starting to catch onto the benefits of Health foods and supplements but it was not enough and the business was not thriving. In a small town it is hard to specialize in a comparatively niche market, that is why Karen explored her interest in history and started selling gifts and souvenirs. Diversifying the inventory brought the business into a more profitable margin. Another struggle was getting the stock delivered to Lillooet. Karen recollected getting up at 4am and driving to Vancouver to pick up the shipments and returning to Lillooet at closing to unpack. Fortunately delivery has improved today. The last two years showed an increase in supplements and vitamin sales due to the health crisis surrounding us all allowing the store to not fail at a time when many businesses were struggling without tourism.

Karen says that she keeps telling young people, “You are only born with this one body, look after it!.” When asked what the joys are of owning her business she did not hesitate in telling that she really loves it, She loves helping people and telling about a healthier lifestyle and despite the stress she really loves it. The job is really good, keeping her mentally as well as physically active. You have to have a vision and determination and enjoy a challenge.

Love Northern BC interviewed Karen not too long ago, you can see more pictures and more stories here.

Thanks to Dana Hangle for allowing us to use many of her fantastic photos!

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