Laura Grizzlypaws

Grizzlypaws was born and raised in Lillooet, British Columbia, she is of St’át’imc descent. At the age of
sixteen, Grizzlypaws began to relearn the St’át’imc traditions. Her passion grew stronger in education
and the heritage of her people. She is a dancer, drummer, singer/songwriter, academic, educator, and language/cultural advocate. Her background consists of a Master of Education; Bachelor’s degree
Linguistics & First Nation Studies; Bachelor of Education; Professional Development; Language
Proficiency; and a Counselling & Wellness Certificate; She was also recognized as a BC Salishian
Language Hero. Followed by her academic credentials

Grizzlypaws received an Indigenous Music Award for “Best Hand Drum” for her album “Come Home” in 2018. Her latest album “Muzmit.stumc” 2019 was dedicated to language revitalization; lastly, she was inducted into the Wall of Fame at the University of Saskatchewan Alumni (2020) for her athletic achievements and the recognition of the Indigenous work she offers globally. Grizzlypaws published her first paperback children’s book titled “Sulyálesta” in August 2022 and currently studying at Simon Fraser University in the Doctor of Education Leadership Program.

Lillooet Community Connect Innovation HUB. Drop down to the HUB and Arts Lillooet gallery to find Laura’s posters, CDs and new book “Sulyálesta”. You can also find all of Laura’s products here on the website:
Laura Grizzlypaws – Poster Prints

Laura Grizzlypaws – We Are The Children of The Land CD

Laura Grizzlypaws – Come Home (CD)

Laura Grizzlypaws – Muzmit.stumc (CD)

Laura Grizzlypaws – Raw Hide Drum

Laura Grizzlypaws – Sulyalesta

“I walked where the Grizzly Bear dances. I feel his pleasure, excitement, and freedom on the earth and in the wind that carries his messages from the past. I dance where the Grizzly Bear danced his steps leaving an ancestral footprint on the land like a cellular memory in my blood.” – Laura Grizzlypaws


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