Featured Artist: Rebecca M. Jantzen

Featured Artist Rebecca Jantzen
by Rebecca M Jantzen

This month our artist spotlight is on Rebecca M. Jantzen. We would like to thank her for making time in a busy schedule to talk to us about your life and work.

Rebecca Jantzen is a local artist who has art on display at the HUB and who you may know as a teacher at George Murray Elementary School or through One Love Farm. She is busy but she is able to create works of art that really impress. Using geometric shapes to harmonize into a playful use of colour one cannot mistake the artist’s style working together with the land or figure being portrayed.

Becky grew up in Mission B.C and was always interested in painting. Drawing came later. Finding a balance in life is hard and for Becky art is a way for her to “empty my bucket” as she jokingly puts it. She studied Fine Arts and English Literature in Trinity Western University, and finished with a teaching degree in Simon Fraser University. Although, she was always practicing art it wasn’t until 2020 when she felt confident in calling herself an artist. It was then that things “clicked”, focusing on landscape and watercolour, referencing rather than replicating and intuitively creating. Why watercolour? Because “it demands me to be present” a statement that had to have been epiphanic.

You can see more of Becky’s work at the winery as well as instagram @rebeccamjantzen. She wants to continue fitting art into her life, eventually making it into a lifestyle but, farming is and always will be an important part of her life as well. Keep an eye out for Sunday market on the One Love farm where they will sell their produce and showcase her art on their beautiful property on Texas Creek Road.

Check out her work at the HUB or on instagram.

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