Anne Plaxton – Artist Bio

“My sound is colour and am learning the notes, scales and harmonies”

Anne Plaxton picked up a pencil and sketchpad in 1965, after receiving strict doctor’s orders to stay housebound for 6 months. She went on to sketch with charcoal and pencil, graduating to chalk and pastels. Anne found self-absorption a wonderful form of release and meditation With the encouragement of friends and family, she enrolled in art classes, and started exhibiting in 1971 Teachers mentors and schools include Denis Cliff and Bryan Maycock at Canadore College, York University, Laurentian University, Ontario College of Art (OCA), and the Atlin Centre for the Arts

Within 10 years of picking up a pad and pencil, Anne co-founded the Theatre Arts Community Centre (TACC) in North Bay, Ontario, which evolved into the North Bay Arts Centre Annie was also instrumental in forming the Sudbury Women’s Artists Collective in 1979, In 1983, Anne had her own studio in the warehouse district of Toronto, later moving to her dream “country home in Grafton, Ontario, where again she was prolific in her art career, while also presiding over the Cobourg Art Club for a few years before eventually moving to BC to be closer to family Anne moved to Lillooet in 2016 and exhibited her art at the Saul T Art Gallery on Main St. in September of 2018

Anne describes her approach to art as “classical”, “a happy combination of order and adventure in painting You need an order to hold still and adventure to come up with something different “When I approach my work, I am reminded of the words of an elderly Inuit woman artist who wrote “When I was young each day was as a beginning of some new thing and each night glowed with the light of the next day’s own

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